New tenders open for 102 affordable homes


The Institute for Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU) has opened new tenders for the rental of 102 affordable homes in 18 municipalities. 

The tenders will allow for the allocation, by lottery, of one to five bedroom homes in Almada, Amadora, Aveiro, Entroncamento, Fafe, Figueira da Foz, Gondomar, Lisbon, Oeiras, Paredes, Ponte da Barca, Porto, Santiago do Cacém, Seixal, Setúbal, Sintra, Valongo and Vila Nova de Gaia. 

The rental contracts in these tenders are intended for the permanent housing of households whose rent burden does not exceed 35%. 

The houses will be raffled off among the people and households who submit an application on the IHRU Arrenda Platform by March 18, provided they meet the eligibility conditions of the Programs and the requirements of the Notice of each competition. 

Within the scope of the Arrendar para Subarrendar Program tenders, priority is given to households aged up to 35, single-parent families or families with income shortfalls of more than 20% compared to the income of the previous three months or the same period of the previous year. 

These competitions were created within the scope of the Apoio ao Arrendamento Program and the new Arrendar para Subarrendar Program.

Interested parties can find all the information about the tenders on the IHRU Arrenda Platform.

Source: Government Portal