ACM promotes an online course on "Support for Business Creation”


The High Commission for Migrations (ACM) will hold two new online editions of the course "Support for Business Creation", under the scope of the PEI Project - Promotion of Immigrant Entrepreneurship. The enrolment is free of charge, subject to prior reservation.

The course will take place by videoconference, from Lisbon, and includes 10 collective sessions and eight individual sessions in each edition.

The first one will take place between 11 May and 13 July, every Tuesday, from 6pm to 9pm, and the second one will be from 12 May to 14 July, every Wednesday, from 2.30pm to 5.30pm.

The presentation and clarification session will also be held in digital format, on 29 April 2021, at 2.30pm. Prior registration is required.

For any additional information or clarification please contact the ACM through the email