'Agenda do Trabalho Digno': new measures will change labor laws


The ‘Agenda do Trabalho Digno e de Valorização dos Jovens no Mercado de Trabalho’ [Decent Work Agenda and Valuing Young People in the Labor Market] was approved in the Portuguese Parliament. The agenda will alter labor legislation with new measures for work contracts, telecommuting, and parental leave, among other issues. The new norms will only come into force after the President of the Republic's promulgation.

The main measures of the ‘Agenda do Trabalho Digno’ are as follows:

Parental Leave

  • The father's exclusive parental leave is increased from 20 to 28 consecutive days
  • The benefit is increased when parental leave is shared, equally, between father and mother, and, as of 120 days, the leave may be used part-time by both parents, increasing the total duration
  • Exemptions and licenses are extended to those who want to adopt or be foster families.

Bereavement leave

  • Leave for death of spouse increases from 5 to 20 days
  • Gestational bereavement leave (due to the death of the baby during pregnancy) is created, which can go up to 3 days.

Sick leave

  • Sick leave can be taken through the SNS24, without having to go to a hospital or health center. These leaves can be requested up to a maximum of 3 days, twice a year.

Internships and Employment Contracts

  • The payment for professional internships is now at least 80% of the national minimum wage
  • Young workers/students can accumulate family allowance and scholarships with their salary
  • The duration of temporary contracts is now limited and can only be renewed a maximum of four times
  • Digital platform workers (for transport and delivery, such as TVDE) are considered employees.


  • The right to telework, without the need for an agreement, is extended to parents with children with disabilities, chronic illnesses or oncological illnesses.

Informal caregivers

  • Informal non-main caregivers now have a five-day leave and the right to 15 days of justified absence
  • Informal caregivers now have the right to telework, flex time, or part time.

The Agenda is composed of about 70 measures that aim to improve working conditions and the conciliation between personal, family and professional life. See the remaining measures on the Government's website.

Source: Government Portal