New scheme for the implementation of the foster care measure has been approved


The Government approved, in the Council of Ministers, a diploma that establishes the foster care implementation scheme.

Families are now entitled to a minimum of 522€ in social support, which can be increased according to the children’s age and other situations, such as disability, up to a maximum of 690€.

Among the new features introduced by this law, the following stand out:

  • extension of parental rights to foster families within the scope of the Labour Code
  • a standardized application, selection, and training process
  • possibility for foster families to claim social benefits to which children and young people are entitled (e.g. family allowance)
  • foster family becomes a beneficiary of nonplayable cash support.

This diploma is intended to give a new impetus to foster care, positioning it as the best way to promote the provisional replacement of the family of origin when it is not in a position to perform its function perfectly.

Source: Government Portal