British citizens in Portugal: renewal of residence permit


British Citizens living in Portugal must apply for a new permanent residence card on the website of the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF).

With the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, British citizens must register and fill in the form that exists in the portal to request the new document. After filling in the form, they will be contacted by SEF to schedule the collection of biometric data collection.

The service of renewing the residence card can also be done at the Lagos Citizen Space, the Citizen Space of the Faro Citizen Shop and at 12 branches of the Institute of Registration and Notary Affairs (IRN).

This card will replace the old Certificate of Registration (issued by the Municipal Councils) and the Certificate of Permanent Residence (issued by the SEF). Until the issuing of the new card, the current documents remain valid.

For more information, see the page with information about Brexit and the Guide provided by SEF.

You can also contact the SEF through the Brexit line 217 115 045 or by email

Source: Portal da Justiça