Ukrainian children and youth will be integrated in Portuguese schools


Children and young people between the ages of 6 and 18 from Ukraine will be integrated into Portuguese schools. Whether they are legalized or not, these minors will have the same rights as those who are in Portugal legally.

The following extraordinary measures for the reception of foreign minors in schools have been defined:

  • Simplification of the process for assigning equivalences of foreign qualifications, which allows for integration in a given year of schooling and educational offer
  • Progressive integration into the Portuguese curriculum and reinforcement of Portuguese language learning
  • Creation of multidisciplinary teams, including specialized teachers/technicians, psychologists, social workers, interpreters and monitors, to welcome and support children and young people
  • attribution of School Social Action support.

The implementation of these measures is being monitored by a working group made up of bodies from the Ministry of Education and other entities, such as the High Commission for Migrations (ACM).

For more information on the reception of Ukrainians in Portugal, see the page "Ukraine: Information and support available in Portugal".

Source: Government Portal