Families can now apply for an interest rate subsidy for their mortgage loans


Families that meet the conditions for the interest subsidy measure on housing loans can start applying to banks. 

The support is aimed at families

  • with credits for their own and permanent home made until March 15, 2023
  • that have an amount initially contracted that does not exceed 250 thousand euros 
  • That are, at most, in the 6th income bracket of IRS
  • With an effort rate equal to or greater than 35% of their annual income with the value of the annual installments of their credit.

The goal of this measure is to alleviate the impact of rising interest rates and represents a maximum annual support of 720.65 euros. The support is accounted for since January 1, 2023 and the first payment is made retroactively, i.e. it will include amounts from that date.

The measure applies to credit agreements for the acquisition, construction, or renovation of permanent homes that have been made at a variable rate or, if they have been mixed rate agreements, are in the variable rate period.

 The percentage of the subsidy will depend on the household's annual income: 

  • 75% when the income does not exceed the maximum limit of the 4th IRS bracket
  • 50% when the income corresponds to the 5th and 6th income brackets.

Banks have 10 working days to communicate whether the families meet the requirements for access to the subsidy. If they do not, banks must indicate the reasons why they do not accept the request. 

Source: Government Portal