The Virtual Consulate is available on the Communities Portal


As of today, June 7 2023, the Virtual Consulate is available on the Communities Portal. The Virtual Consulate is a new digital channel of the Portuguese consular network, allowing online services and scheduling appointments at your consular post.

In this first phase of implementation, the Virtual Consulate will provide access to nine services:

  • Consular registration
  • Updating consular inscription form
  • Post transference
  • Consular registration certificate
  • Birth registration of minors over 1 year old and at least 1 national parent
  • Birth registration of children under 1 year old and application for the first Citizen Card
  • Declaring a death
  • Renewal of the Citizen's Card for people over 25
  • Online booking of service in a consular post. 

After registering you can authenticate yourself with the Mobile Digital Key or with the Citizen's Card and a card reader to access the platform.

The Virtual Consulate was developed jointly by the Directorate-General for Consular Affairs and Portuguese Communities (DGACCP) and the Administrative Modernisation Agency (AMA).


Source: Government Portal