Vaccination plan for COVID-19


The government released the vaccination plan for COVID-19, which defines the priority groups and the respective stages of vaccination. Vaccinations begin to be administered free of charge in January 2021 in health centres (upon appointment), homes and occupational health services. The vaccine is taken in two dosages.

In the first phase, 400,000 people over 50 years of age with heart failure, coronary heart disease, kidney failure or respiratory disease are vaccinated. Also, part of this initial phase are 250,000 professionals and residents of nursing homes and long-term care units, as well as 300,000 health professionals, the armed forces, security forces and critical services.

In the second phase, 1.8 million people over 65 (with or without pathologies) and 900,000 people aged between 50 and 64 with diabetes, active malignant neoplasia, chronic kidney disease, liver failure, obesity or hypertension will be vaccinated.

The third phase includes the remaining population living in Portugal, with a third and fourth priority groups still to be concluded. An expansion of vaccination sites is planned in this phase.

In the beginning, about 300,000 vaccines will be administered per week, with expansion capacity. Portugal has invested around 200 million euros in the purchase of more than 22 million doses.

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Source: Portal Estamos On