"Trabalhar no Interior" encourages geographic mobilization

UPDATE: The Government has extended the measure Interior Employment PLUS - Supported Mobility for a Sustainable Interior to foreign people living outside Portugal. Read the news.

The Portuguese Government presented on Monday, February 3rd, the program "Trabalhar no Interior" as a driving measure to move workers to that area of ​​the country. This incentive to geographic mobilization has several financial supports, notably the “Emprego Interior MAIS” program, which provides initial support of up to 4,827 euros.

Among the other measures included are the hiring incentives for companies, support for returning emigrants, and the “Habitar no Interior” program, which guarantees affordable housing for workers who want to move to the interior of the country.

With a bigger focus on companies, the + CO3SO Program (Establishing, Realizing and Consolidating Synergies and Opportunities), has as main objectives the creation of new jobs, the promotion of qualified employment, attracting investments exclusively for the interior, and the modernization of sectors with the support of new technologies.

The deadline for applications has not yet been announced by the Government.

Source: Página Oficial do Governo de Portugal - República Portuguesa