Social Security: August payments with extended deadlines


With the entry into force of the State Budget, the deadlines for Social Security contribution obligations have been extended. This regime is exceptional and applies only to the month of August.

The deadline for the delivery of salary statements, which was 10 August, was extended, without any penalty, to 25 August.

Also the deadline for payment of contributions and regularisation of debt to Social Security, which ended on 20 August, has been extended until 31 August. The same date also applies to obligations related to the Labour Compensation Fund and the Labour Compensation Guarantee Fund.

As for the deadlines that end during the month of August and that concern administrative offence proceedings, the right to a hearing or defence, as well as the reduction and waiver of fines or clarifications requested by Social Security institutions or the Authority for Working Conditions (ACT), can be fulfilled until 1 September.

Source: Social Security Portal