“Clean & Safe” certification available for Local Accommodation establishments and Food & Beverages


The ePortugal portal already has available the services to request the " Clean & Safe Establishment" seal for Local Accommodation and Catering and Beverages:

The "Clean & Safe" seal distinguishes establishments in the tourism sector (local accommodation, among others) and catering and beverages (restaurants, cafés, bars, etc.), which comply with the recommendations of the General Directorate for Health to avoid contamination of spaces with the new coronavirus. The seal, valid until 30 April 2021, is free and optional.

In the ePortugal portal it will also be possible to cancel the membership to the seal, when necessary:

Turismo de Portugal had already launched the "Clean & Safe" seal for the following establishments and tourist activity:

For these companies the seal can be obtained online on the digital platforms of Turismo de Portugal: National Registry of Tourist Enterprises (RNET), National Registry of Tourist Promotion Agents (RNAAT) and National Registry of Travel and Tourism Agents (RNAVT) and will always be associated with the registry number.

Turismo de Portugal, in coordination with the competent entities, will carry out random audits to the participating establishments.