The Simplex Jam 2019 has ended

17.05.2019 | AMA

The last session of Simplex Jam 2019 was carried out on 16 May, at the registered office of the Administrative Modernization Agency in Lisbon. Before the capital city, events were carried out in Faro, Évora, Braga, Porto and Coimbra.

In the Simplex Jam’ 19, ideas and proposals to modernize the services and simplify the procedures were discussed, promoting the “once only” principle - the concept that a citizen, or an entrepreneur, should not have to provide the same information several times to the public administration. Furthermore, ideas regarding the sharing and reuse of resources and the use of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, were also promoted, aiming for the evolution of a more efficient State.

This year 273 public employees took part in the Simplex Jam. Throughout its six sessions, more than 500 suggestions were gathered, which shall be considered for integration on the final version of the new Simplex programme, to be launched this year.