Pedir o Cartão da Empresa/Pessoa Coletiva

The Company/ Collective Person card is available both in physical and electronic format and combines:

  • the Collective Person Identification Number (NIPC)
  • the social security number (NISS), when applicable
  • the name and registered head office of the entity
  • the main CAE (Statistical Classification of Economic Activities) and up to three secondary CAEs
  • the legal status
  • the date of incorporation
  • the access code to the annual accounts certificate
  • the access code to the electronic version of the Company or Collective Person Card.

The Company Card and the Collective Person Card identify different types of entities.

The Company Card identifies:

  • companies
  • cooperatives
  • public corporations
  • Sole Trader Entities with Limited Liability (EIRLs)
  • complementary groups of companies (ACEs)
  • European Economic Interest Groups (AEIEs)
  • branches of foreign entities
  • trusts
  • independent entrepreneurs registered in the Central File of Collective Persons (FCPC)
  • and other entities subject to commercial registry.

The Collective Person Card identifies:

  • associations (public utility or not)
  • foundations (public utility or not)
  • religious collective persons
  • public administration bodies
  • condominiums
  • parents’ associations
  • and other entities registered in the FCPC, but not subject to commercial registry.

Who can Pedir o Cartão da Empresa/Pessoa Coletiva ?

Where to request

To request online fill in this request form.

If you prefer, you can request the Company or Collective Person Card in person:

How much does it cost?

The request of a Company or Collective Person Card costs EUR 14.

How can you Pedir o Cartão da Empresa/Pessoa Coletiva ?

You can request the Company/Collective Person Card online or in person.

To request the Company Card or Collective Person Card online, you must:

  • access the application form
  • enter your name, your NIF and email
  • choose in which name the receipt is issued (your own or in the name of the entity)
  • enter the NIPC of the entity you wish to request the card
  • pay by ATM.

You can also check the status of your request online, entering the NIPC of the entity for which you requested the card and the request number.

When requested online, the physical company or collective person Card is sent by post to the entity’s registered head office.

If the card is requested by a legitimate representative (notary, lawyer, solicitor or manager), the card may be sent to another address of your choice. 

To request in person just indicate:

  • your name and NIF
  • the NIPC of the entity you wish to request the card
  • The request is only completed upon payment

The physical card is valid until the information about the entity changes. For example, if a company changes its name, you need to request a new card. The electronic card is automatically updated.