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Cartão de Cidadão - consulta de processos de cancelamento e/ou renovação online

Request the Individual Tax Identification Number

Request the Individual Tax Identification Number

A birth certificate is a document which confirms the facts in the birth registry. The certificate may be issued in paper or online.

Request the Portuguese electronic passport

The passport comprises all the data necessary to identify the Portuguese citizens who travel out of the European Union and the Schengen area. As a rule the Portuguese passport is electronic. Only in exceptional cases of great urgency may a temporary passport which is not electronic be issued. Here y ...

Request a permanent residence permit

Request a permanent residence permit

Request the SNS’s user number

Find out what you need to do to request the SNS National Health Service user number. Foreign citizens with legal residence in Portugal can request a user number. People with a Citizen Card do not need to request a user number as this number that identifies them in order to receive health care is ind ...

How to request the Citizen Card?

The Citizen Card identifies the Portuguese citizen before any public or private entity. It is mandatory for all Portuguese citizens. The Citizen Card comprises the civil identification fiscal identification tax payer number health services user and social security number.

The EU European Union Digital Covid Certificate is a digital document proving that a person has a full vaccination against COVID-19 has recovered from the disease in the last 6 months or has received a negative result in the last 48 hours antigen test - TRAg or 72 hours TAAN test . The certificate a ...

Exchange a foreign driving license for a Portuguese driving license

Any individual with a driving license of a foreign country may exchange that license for a Portuguese driving license.

Learn more about if you can obtain the Portuguese nationality and how to submit the request. If you obtain the Portuguese nationality you are now a Portuguese citizen and are bound to rights and duties connected to Portugal.