Scheme of the adult accompanied

What is the scheme of the adult accompanied?

Any adult may choose in advance the person to accompany him/they and that will must be respected.

The Scheme of the Adult Accompanied, approved by Law 49/2018 of 14 August, allows any person who, for reasons of health, disability or their behaviour, is unable to exercise their personal rights fully and consciously or to fulfil their duties, to request the necessary accompanying measures from the Court.

Accompanying measures may also be requested by the Public Prosecutor's Office, the spouse, the unmarried partner or any successor relative of the person lacking such measures.

Any adult may choose his or her "escort" in advance and this will must be respected.

 - Lei n.º 49/2018 - Diário da República, 1.ª série - N.º 156 - 2018-08-14

For more information: Legal regime of the most closely followed- Law No 49/2018 - Official Gazette, 1st series - No 156 - 2018-08-14