New series of savings certificates created and suspended issuance of Series E


The Government approved the creation of F series of savings certificates, which will replace the E series.

The subscription of series E postal savings certificates will be suspended, and from 5 June onwards it will only be possible to subscribe to series F certificates. Series E postal savings certificates subscribed by 2 June will remain valid and have the same contractual conditions until they are redeemed, or until their expiry date.

The minimum investment amount of this new series F is 100 units (corresponds to 100 euros) and can go up to a maximum of 50 thousand euros. One of the novelties of this series F is that it allows adding the subscription of more units (more euros) to the same certificate. This additional subscription has a minimum value of 10 euros and can be done as many times as you want.

The interest rate drops from 3.5% to 2.5% and there is a permanence premium that starts at 0.25% between the 2nd and 5th year of subscription and goes up to an additional 1.75% in the last two years of the maximum subscription term.

This new F series also has a longer maximum subscription term, increasing from 10 to 15 years.

Series F postal savings certificates may be subscribed online, on Aforronet, or in person, at CTT branches or at one of the six Citizen Spaces that provide this service. Ask your bank for information on the possibility of subscribing to Series F postal savings certificates.

Source: Portuguese official journal, Diário da República

Certificados aforro Serie E Serie F