IMT launches new Driver's License certificate and TVDE certificate renewal services online


The Institute of Mobility and Transport (IMT) has launched two new online services as part of the SIMPLEX measures: the request to issue a driving license certificate and the renewal of the driver's certificate for transport in an uncharacterized vehicle using an electronic platform (CMTVDE).

The driving license certificate can be requested on the "My Driving License" portal and authenticated with a Digital Mobile Key or Citizen Card. As well as avoiding the need to go to one of the IMT's offices, the online service offers a 10% discount on the 6 euros (it costs 5.40 euros).

The driving license certificate is valid for six months, is issued in Portuguese or English, and can be validated using a verification code or QR code.

The certificate may be needed, for example, to show an entity outside Portugal when exchanging the Portuguese driving license for a foreign one.

The renewal of the TVDE driver's certificate can be requested on the IMTonline portal and also has a 10% discount of 30 euros (it costs 27 euros).

CMTVDE applications can be made when there are 6 months remaining on the document and must be presented:

  • Certificate of successful completion of an 8-hour Road Training course
  • Criminal record certificate specifying the job title "TVDE Driver"
  • Valid driving license and group 2 endorsement.

For more information, consult the IMTonline Support Manual or send an email to

Source: IMT Portal (news Online Driving License Certificate and news Renewal of transport driver certificate in uncharacterized vehicle from electronic platform)