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Services | Applying for a taxpayer identification number (NIF) for a natural person

The taxpayer identification number or Número de Identificação Fiscal NIF in Portuguese is a form of personal identification that is essential for purchasing goods or services entering into contracts opening bank accounts etc. Portuguese nationals with a valid Citizen s Card already have a NIF alloca ...

Services | Paying vehicle circulation tax (Imposto Único de Circulação, IUC)

People or entities that have cars pleasure boats or aircraft registered in their name have to pay the Single Circulation Tax IUC every year. The document with the details for paying the IUC can be requested online or at a tax office.

Services | File the self-employment registration

The self-employed workers must register themselves on the Tax Office. To do so they must submit a self-employment registration certificate.

Services | Simulate and submit the annual tax return statement

The individuals who obtain earnings must submit every year a statement of the Personal Income Tax tax return . The statement is normally submitted during April and May and online.

Services | Consult VAT

Information and the possibility to consult the taxpayer s VAT situation online.

Practices Guides | Value Added Tax (VAT) in Portugal

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax levied on sales or supplies of services in Portugal

Practices Guides | Personal income tax (IRS) in Portugal

Personal income tax (IRS) applies to the income of citizens resident in Portuguese territory and non-residents who earn income in Portugal

Services | Request the exemption from the vehicle tax when moving to Portugal

The individuals who reside in another country and transfer their legal residence to Portugal may be entitled to the exemption from the vehicle tax ISV if they bring a vehicle with them. Learn more about this exemption

Services | Pay the tax of a vehicle purchased abroad

The individuals who purchased a vehicle in another country and brought it to Portugal must pay the Vehicle Tax ISV . Learn more about this obligation

Services | Consult the real estate assets - Municipal Property Tax (IMI)

The consultation of the Real Estate Assets - Municipal Property Tax IMI allows to consult the buildings currently registered in the Property Matrix regarding a certain tax identification number.