Migrants - living and working in Portugal

In this area of the portal you will find information dedicated to migrants and nationals from countries outside the European Union, who want to live, raise a family or open a business in Portugal.

Issues such as obtaining visas, housing support, social subsidies and information on education and work are covered, with a focus on public service procedures.

For information for citizens from European Union countries, please consult the section European Citizens - travelling, living and doing business in Portugal

Here you can find information for migrants about:

See also the Migrant Reception Guide of the High Commission for Migrations (ACM).

Migrant Helpline

The Migrant Helpline is available in several languages and aims to clarify migrants' doubts about work, nationality, social security, access to the law and to the courts, consumption, housing, family and minors, among other issues.

The contacts of the Migrant Helpline are 218 106 191 (mobile and foreign network) or 808 257 257 (fixed network), available on business days from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Also find out on the ACM portal what to do in case of discrimination.