Nascer Cidadão desk reopens in Évora


The Nascer Cidadão desk (Citizen's Birth Desk) in the Obstetrics Department of the Espírito Santo Hospital in Évora has reopened after being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 48 existing desks throughout the country are gradually reopening.

Find out which are the Nascer Cidadão desks that have already reopened in the Registry portal.

The Nascer Cidadão desks allow you to request birth registration and the child's first Citizen Card, right after birth and without leaving the hospital.

After birth registration, parents can also register their newborn child in the National Health Service (SNS) through the Nascer Utente (Born a Health User) service, and the child is immediately given a health user number. The child is automatically registered in the health center, associated with the mother's family doctor.

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Source: National Health Service Portal