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Services | Consult VAT

Information and the possibility to consult the taxpayer s VAT situation online.

Services | File the self-employment registration

The self-employed workers must register themselves on the Tax Office. To do so they must submit a self-employment registration certificate.

Services | Simulate and submit the annual tax return statement

The individuals who obtain earnings must submit every year a statement of the Personal Income Tax tax return . The statement is normally submitted during April and May and online.

Services | Request the exemption from the vehicle tax when moving to Portugal

The individuals who reside in another country and transfer their legal residence to Portugal may be entitled to the exemption from the vehicle tax ISV if they bring a vehicle with them. Learn more about this exemption

Services | Pay the tax of a vehicle purchased abroad

The individuals who purchased a vehicle in another country and brought it to Portugal must pay the Vehicle Tax ISV . Learn more about this obligation

Services | Consult the real estate assets - Municipal Property Tax (IMI)

The consultation of the Real Estate Assets - Municipal Property Tax IMI allows to consult the buildings currently registered in the Property Matrix regarding a certain tax identification number.

Services | Consult the IRC

It allows to consult the income statement of a legal person for a given year.

Services | Applying for an exemption from vehicle tax (ISV) for people with disabilities

People with a degree of incapacity equal to or greater than 60 are exempt from paying vehicle tax imposto sobre veículos ISV .

Services | Consult the current exemptions - Municipal Property Tax (IMI)

The Consultation of Current Exemptions under the Municipal Property Tax IMI is a service that aims to inform about the buildings or fractions which are exempt from payment of the respective tax as well as to make known the type of exemption in force and the period covered by it.

Services | Consult and obtain a proof document of IES/DA statements

Access online your Simplified Company Data / Annual Accounting and Tax Data Statement IES/DA statements to know where they stand obtain a proof of delivery and if necessary the reference for the payment of the accountability. This service allows you to know if the statement has been validated or if ...