Higher education scholarships to be increased and awarded earlier


Scholarships for higher education will be larger and awarded at the placement stage.

The new maximum amount for scholarships will be €5981.73, 7% more than in the academic year 2022-2023.

Each student will know if the scholarship has been awarded when their placement in higher education is announced. For this, it's simply needed to request the scholarship when applying.

The annual per capita income limit for applying for the scholarship has been increased from €9,484.27 to €11,049.89.

For working students and students with one-off income earned during holiday periods, the income limit has been increased to €12,569.89.

Students in a humanitarian emergency situation from Syria, female Afghan refugees and students in temporary protection from the military conflict in Ukraine will be entitled to the maximum scholarship amount and any supplements.

The new +Superior scholarship is also launched, with a base value of 1700€. This scholarship is open to master's degree students at a university or polytechnic located in a low population density region and students who have already been placed at the institutions in previous years.

Source: Portal do Governo