Cultural Affairs' Worker Card available on app


The new professional card of the culture area is the latest document that can be added in the mobile application The is a digital wallet where you can save, consult and share documents, via cell phone and in digital format, issued by the Portuguese State.

With the app you can save the following cards and documents:

  • ADSE Card
  • Former Combatant Card 
  • Military Sickness Assistance Card (ADM)
  • Citizen Card
  • Driver's license
  • European Youth Card
  • Single Port Card
  • Employee Card (public employee document)
  • Single Automobile Document (DUA)
  • Defense Digital Identification
  • and, now, Cultural Affairs' Worker Card

Besides the secure access, with authentication through the Mobile Digital Key, the application has visual security elements that allow you to prove their authenticity, having the same legal validity as physical documents. 

Learn how to add identification documents in the app.

Source: Agência para a Modernização Administrativa (AMA)