Young workers can now request the salary bonus to value qualifications


Young workers up to the age of 35 living in Portugal can apply for a salary premium for completing a bachelor's or master's degree. The premium, which serves as a "tuition fee refund", is paid annually and lasts for the number of years required to complete the bachelor's or master's degree.

The value of the annual prize is 697 euros for bachelor's degrees and 1,500 euros for master's degrees. The prize can be awarded to any Portuguese or foreign person who has completed their studies from 2023 onwards.

It is also possible to award the prize to anyone who has completed a bachelor's or master's degree before 2023, provided that the number of years that have passed since obtaining the degree is less than the number of years expected to complete the bachelor's or master's degree. 

Academic degrees obtained abroad must be recognised in Portugal.

The salary bonus is paid annually by bank transfer from the Tax and Customs Authority (Finanças) to the bank account registered with Finanças. The bonus is not subject to IRS or social security contributions.

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Source: Government Portal