Change your health centre

Find out how to apply for a transfer from one National Health Service’s (SNS) health centre to another.

Service channels

Learn where you can carry out the service and what are the advantages of each channel

  • Change at the location
    Take your Citizen Card or other identification document with you

    Free of charge

    Check the health centre of SNS to which you want to be transferred

    Search for a point of service near you:

Who can change your health centre?

Where change your health centre?

What is the price to change your health centre?

  • It is free of charge.

How change your health centre?

Go to the health centre where you want to receive health care and take it with you:

  • Citizen Card, identification document or residence permit
  • residence proof

If you are entitled to exemption from user fees or special reimbursement for medication, for example, you must bring proof of these benefits.

Temporary registration at another health center

If you are living in another county for school, work or other reasons, and you need health care, you can temporarily register in another health center for up to 12 months. Enrollment in the original health center is temporarily suspended and automatically resumed after this period.

For more information, please contact directly the health center where you want to do temporary enrollment.

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