Portuguese Foundation - closure

Service channels

  • Request online

    Requesting a declaration of extinction of a private foundation

Request for authorisation to close the private foundation by the competent entity for recognition after approval of a duly grounded proposal by the administrative body.

Note: The closure of public or public foundations of private law shall be deliberated by the public founder and communicated to the competent entity for the recognition of private foundations to verify the regularity of the procedures. The service to be selected is compulsory legal communications.

This service is only available through the reserved area of the ePortugal portal.

Procedure and requirements


  • submission of the request 
  • instruction of the process
  • decision by the competent Government member.

Time of issue/decision


Legislation, refusals, contests, claims



Reasons for refusal


Means of opposition/Complaint to the Ombudsman


Competent Entity

Secretaria-Geral da Presidência de Conselho de Ministros

Address: Rua Professor Gomes Teixeira, n.º 2 1399-022 LISBOA

Phone number: 213 927 600

Email address: sec-geral@sg.pcm.gov.pt

Web url: https://www.sg.pcm.gov.pt/