Digital Mobile Key recognised with “High” security level


The Portuguese Digital Mobile Key was considered by the European Union as a means of electronic identification with the "High" security level, the highest European security standards.

In a publication of the Official Journal of the European Union, the maximum security of the Digital Mobile Key (CMD) is recognised as a means of electronic identification for authentication and transactions in the internal market, in accordance with Article 9(1) of Regulation No. 910/2014 of the European Parliament and the Council.

CMD is used in several public and private portals as a means of authentication/login, such as the ePortugal portal, the Portal das Finanças (Finances Portal) or the Segurança Social Direta portal (Direct Social Security portal), among others.

There are now also more online services available with CMD

Within the scope of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Institute for Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU) created the Exceptional Rent Support Scheme - Covid19, available to tenants and landlords. In order to apply, it is necessary to authenticate at the Portal da Habitação (Housing Portal), through the Digital Mobile Key, Citizen Card or taxpayer number.

School enrolment is another service that is now carried out, preferably online, through the Portal das Matrículas (Enrolments Portal), using authentication through the Citizen Card, Digital Mobile Key or access credentials to the Portal das Finanças (Finances Portal).

Official company registries can also be made online. Applications must always be signed electronically, using the Digital Mobile Key, the Citizen Card or other qualified electronic signature.

Through the authentication system, it is possible, in a simple and fast way, to perform online services as a citizen or as a professional, in the various portals that use the Digital Mobile Key as a means of authentication.

The Digital Mobile Key can be activated through the Internet, using the Citizen Card and a smart card reader, or the access credentials to the Portal das Finanças (Finances Portal). Learn how to Enable the Digital Mobile Key.