Request the European Health Insurance Card

This card allows you to receive medical assistance during a temporary stay on a countrie of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland.


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Learn where you may submit your request and what are the advantages of each channel

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  • Place your order by clicking on the 'Order online' button, simply by using your beneficiary number

  • Free of charge
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Request on the location

  • Go to a Social Security desk or a Citizen's Bureau to request your European Health Insurance Card

  • Free of charge
  • You just need your beneficiary number

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Who can Request the European Health Insurance Card?

  • Active employees.

  • Non-active employees.

  • Pensioners.

  • The families of theemployees.

When can you Request the European Health Insurance Card?

  • You may use this card to receive the necessary health care if you are travelling:
    • in a European Union country
    • in Iceland
    • in Liechtenstein
    • in Norway
    • in Switzerland.
  • This card allows you to, in case of emergency, receive health care abroad - that is, you do not need to return to your country to be treated.
  • With this card, the person is treated on the foreign country as a beneficiary of the social security system of that country. This means that the health care might not be free and may imply the payment of user charges or co-participations.

What are the documents and requirements to Request the European Health Insurance Card?

What is the Price to Request the European Health Insurance Card?

It is free of charge.

How can you Request the European Health Insurance Card?

If you submit the request in person to the Social Security, you shall need to submit the Model GIT53 - DGSS form.

The European Health Insurance Card is sent to your address.

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