Services at the Tax Office

The Tax and Customs Authority (Finanças) is responsible for services related to taxes and customs, such as applying for a Tax Identification Number (NIF), submitting an IRS tax return or opening a business, among others. These services can be accessed online, over the counter or by telephone.

This page provides information on:

Tax Office services available online

There are Tax Authority (AT) services that can be done online via the Portal das Finanças, from your computer or smartphone.

1. Search for the service

To find out if the service you want to access can be done on the Finance Portal, use the ePortugal search bar (at the top of this page) and search for the service. You can also search the Portal das Finanças for more information about the services.

All the pages provide information on the channels through which you can do the services and what you'll need to do them. If the service is available online, there is a link to the Portal das Finanças.

2. Choose a mean of authentication

You can access the Portal das Finanças using one of the following methods:

  • your Tax Identification Number (NIF)
  • an activated Digital Mobile Key (CMD)
  • a smartcard reader for use with your Citizen's Card (in which case you will also need the card's authentication code).

Is one of these the service you're looking for?

These are some of the services you can do through the Finance Portal:

On the Tax Office portal, you will find a number of services for you or your business, such as:

If you are unable to use the online service, or if the service is not available online, you can access it through other channels, such as by telephone, via e-balcão (online service desk) or in person at a service desk.

Support via the Tax Office online service desk (e-balcão)

Use the e-balcão on Portal das Finanças to request information about services, such as making payments to the Tax Authority, requesting information and clarification about collections and refunds or taxes such as IMI, IRS or VAT.

Tax Office services by telephone

The Tax Authority's Call Centre (CAT) answers questions about taxes, customs duties and provides support in accessing the services on the Finance Portal. 

You can contact the CAT on 217 206 707, available on working days from 9am to 7pm. To clarify doubts about the Tax Identification Number or taxes, you may need to have a telephone access code.

Tax Office services in person

The Tax Authority's services can also be carried out at a tax office counter and in some Citizen's Shops

To find out if the Citizen's Bureau where you want to go has a tax counter, go to the shop's webpage and check the counters and passwords available.

If you have any doubts about what you need to bring to do a service, use the ePortugal search bar (at the top of this page). You can also search on the Portal das Finanças.

You can also book an appointment at the tax office. You can book an appointment via:

Information updated on 2 october 2023.