Ocupação de espaço público - instalação de equipamento

This service allows you to make a declaration and having complied with the legal or regulatory requirements applicable to the use of public space (e.g. installation of an awning, a terrace, a planter, a waste container, an advertising medium, etc.) and proceed immediately to the installation of the equipment, after the payment.

When the equipment or its location does not meet one or more of the legal or regulatory requirements presented in the tab "Remarks", the installation can only when the City Council emits an order of approval or when the City Council does not respond after the expiry of 20 days from the date of payment of fees.

This service applies only to the equipment listed in the tab "Remarks".

If this service is submitted electronically, the payment (if applicable) must be accomplished as follows:

  • If you meet requirements listed in the tab “Remarks": must wait 5 days for the notification from the City Council competent for the area of the establishment, sent to the email listed in the  "Applicant" area in the form; or go in person to the City Council territorially competent for the area of the establishment.
  • If you do not meet one or more of the requirements set in the tab "Remarks", you should go in person to the City Council territorially competent for the area of the establishment.

Service channels

  • Online

    To access this service you need to login with one of the following means of authentication:

    Authentication issues with Digital Mobile Key

    • If you have problems accessing the service during the authentication process, we suggest authenticating directly on the portal and then accessing the service.

    Video call support

    • This service can be performed with video call support. Click on the "Support" button on the right side of the page to schedule a video call.

    Before clicking on the "Perform service" button, first select the district and municipality where your business is located for more information.

  • Citizen Spots and Business Spots

    This service can be done at the Citizen Spots and Business Spots that offer the service.

  • You can get support or carry out this service over the phone. To carry out the service by telephone you need to:

    • have the Digital Mobile Key (CMD) active
    • have the id.gov.pt app for Android, Huawei or iOS installed on a smartphone with biometrics capabilities (facial recognition or fingerprint).

    Call 210 489 010 or 300 003 990 (business days from 9am to 6pm).

    • If you need to attach documents, you won't be able to carry out the service over the phone.
    Call 210 489 010

What is your business’s location?

This service is not available for the municipalities of Lisbon and Loures. If you would like to install equipment in public spaces in these two municipalities, please contact your city or parish council.