IRN services on strike


The workers of the Institute of Registration and Notary (IRN) will be on strike today, 5 January. The strike may affect the service capacity and the availability of IRN services in the Citizens' Shops and Registry Offices. Minimum services are ensured for the following urgent acts:

  • Performing urgent civil marriages, in the imminence of death or childbirth
  • Performing civil marriages that had already been scheduled before the strike was called
  • Urgent wills in the imminence of death
  • Requests for extremely urgent Citizen's Cards
  • Temporary Citizen's Card applications
  • Urgent passport applications
  • Express passport applications.

On strike days, extremely urgent and provisional Citizen's Card applications, and urgent and express passport applications, can be processed at the following locations:

  • Angra do Heroísmo and Ponta Delgada Civil Registry (Azores)
  • Aveiro Civil Registry
  • Braga Civil Registry
  • Évora Civil Registry
  • Faro Civil Registry
  • Funchal Civil Registry (Madeira)
  • Lisbon Civil Identification Department (Campus de Justiça)
  • Porto Civil Identification Department (Pestanas Palace)
  • Registration Services at the Citizen's Shop in Coimbra, or at a registry office in this municipality, if the service is being provided there
  • Registration Services in the Castelo Branco Citizen's Store, or in a registry office of this municipality, if the service is being made available there.

Consult the branches of Registry available through the sigaApp application (Android and iOS), as well as the waiting time for a particular service. In sigaApp you can still withdraw a digital password and make an appointment.

Search in the ePortugal portal which services you can do online, before you go to a branch of IRN.

Source: Portal do IRN