Sending a notification regarding the marketing of weapons, essential components, ammunition and accessories in Portugal (mutual recognition)

In order to market weapons, essential components, ammunition and accessories in Portugal that are not yet on the Portuguese market and are already marketed in at least one European Union (EU) Member State (MS), the economic operator must send a notification of compliance with the requirements for mutual recognition.

You may license several elements for each category, such as:

  • essential components – barrel, cylinder or bolt,
  • ammunition – Classes B, B1, C, D and G,
  • accessories – telescopic/holographic sights, sound moderators or magazines.

Service channels

Procedure and requirements



  1. Submission of the form by the economic operator 
    • Click on the ‘acess the service’ button.
    • Confirm your identity using a valid means of electronic identification (Digital Mobile Key, Citizen Card or Digital Certificate).
    • Complete the form online and attach the necessary documents (see the ‘what is necessary?’) field.
    • Submit the form.
  2. Examination of the notification
    • The form and the documents will be examined by the Public Security Police [Polícia de Segurança Pública] (PSP).
    • If all is in order, the procedure ends there and the PSP will notify the economic operator that the essential components comply with the mutual recognition requirements and can start to be marketed.
    • If the notification has not been completed properly, additional information or documents will be requested. Once the applicant has provided this information, a new examination will be carried out to ensure that everything is now in order.

In person

At the Department of Arms and Explosives (DEA) of the PSP.

Contact the Public Information and Assistance Service and submit the documents required for this service.

Additional Data

The DAE has a public information and assistance service, available on working days (excluding long weekends) from 9.00 to 15.00 at the following address:

  • Polícia de Segurança Pública, Departamento de Armas e Explosivos (DAE)
  • Address: Rua da Artilharia Um, n.º 21 1269-003 Lisbon
  • Telephone: 218 111 000
  • Fax: 213 874 772
  • Email:

Competent Entity

Polícia de Segurança Pública

Address: Largo da Penha de França n.º 1 1170-298 LISBOA

Phone number: 21 811 10 00

Fax: 21 814 77 05

Email address:

Web url: