Funeral social - informação

Informações sobre como e onde realizar o serviço de funeral social.


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Who can Funeral social - informação?

  • Any citizen.

When can you Funeral social - informação?

  • At any time, during the opening hours of the counters.

Where can you Funeral social - informação?

What is the Price to Get information about the Social Funeral service?

The consultation of information is free.

For more information on values, see the DGAE website.

Note: The maximum price is updated annually in October.

How Can You Get Information About The Social Funeral Service?

Funeral agencies must have a basic social funeral service, subject to a maximum price, available to the municipality where the agency is located.

The basic social funeral service includes:

  • Urn in pine wood or equivalent, with a minimum thickness of 15mm, hardware, sheet, cushion and handkerchief;
  • Individual funeral transport;
  • Technical services necessary for the funeral, provided by the agency.

Entity responsible for this service