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It is an amount paid monthly, aimed to protect the beneficiaries of the general social security scheme, in the case of old-age, replacing the work wages.


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Who can Request the old-age pension?

  • To the old-age pension is entitled the beneficiary who, at the date of request, had:

    Reached the normal age of access to the pension (1)

    66 years and 5 months in 2020.
  • Met the guarantee period

    At least 15 civil years, consecutive or interpolated, with a pay statement.
    144 months with a pay statement - beneficiary covered by the voluntary social insurance.

  • (1) In the case of individuals whose age is below the one established, they may be entitled to an early old-age pension in the following situations:

    Early pension due to long-term unemployment.

    Early pension due to the age flexibilization scheme.

    Early pension due to long careers.

    Special schemes of early access to the old-age pension - Exercise of an activity in certain occupations.

When can you Request the old-age pension?

The application can be filed no more than 3 months before the date on which the beneficiary wishes to start the pension.

Where can you Request the old-age pension?

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What is the Price to Request the old-age pension?

It is free.

How can you Request the old-age pension?

Benefit intended for the beneficiaries of the general social security scheme, who have:
  • Completed 66 years and 5 months in 2020, without prejudice to special legal provisions and anticipated measures.
  • The guarantee period of 15 calendar years, followed or interpolated, with record of remunerations, has been fulfilled. In the case of beneficiaries covered by voluntary social insurance, the term of guarantee is 144 months with record of remuneration.

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