Sending a notification regarding the marketing of measuring instruments in Portugal (mutual recognition)

In order to market measuring instruments in Portugal that are not yet on the Portuguese market and are already lawfully marketed in at least one European Union (EU) Member State (MS), the economic operator must send a notification of compliance with the requirements for mutual recognition.

There are various measuring instruments, such as manometers, time counters, radar cinemometers, tanks, to name a few.

Service channels

Procedure and requirements



  1. Submission of the form by the economic operator
    • Click on the ‘access the service’ button.
    • Confirm your identity using a valid means of electronic identification (Digital Mobile Key, Citizen Card or Digital Certificate).
    • Complete the form online and attach the necessary documents (see the ‘what is necessary?’ field.
    • Submit the form.
  2. Examination of the notification
    • The form and documentation are analysed by the Portuguese Quality Institute (IPQ).
    • If all is in order, the procedure ends there and IPQ notifies the economic operator that the measuring instrument complies with the mutual recognition requirements and may be marketed.
    • If the notification is not completed properly, additional information or documents will be requested. Once the applicant has provided this information, a new analysis is conducted to ensure everything is now in order.

In person

Alternatively, you can submit all the necessary documents to the Secretariat of the IPQ Metrology Department.

Time of issue/decision


Additional Data

Additional information

If you have any queries about the marketing of measuring instruments under the mutual recognition procedure, please contact the IPQ by emailing

Legislation, refusals, contests, claims



Reasons for refusal


Competent Entity

Instituto Português da Qualidade

Address: R. António Gião, 2 2829-513 Caparica

Phone number: + 351 21 294 81 00

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