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Practices Guides | Having a child: parental leave in Portugal

Initial parental leave lasts for up to 120 or 150 consecutive days and includes both maternity leave and paternity leave. In addition to this number of days a further 30 days may be added in the following cases shared parental leave where the mother and father opt to share the initial leave individu ...

Services | Register a birth

All children born in Portugal must be registered even if the parents are not Portuguese citizens. Registering a birth is mandatory. Children born abroad to at least one Portuguese parent are entitled to Portuguese citizenship. During the online birth registration application process it is also possi ...

Services | Register a birth abroad

Registar um nascimento no estrangeiro

Services | Agendar atendimento presencial na Segurança Social

Agendar atendimento presencial na Segurança Social

Practices Guides | Family support

Various types of support and benefits are available for families in different situations. These include assistance during pregnancy and childcare maintaining a work-life balance and support structures for the elderly allowing individuals and families to find a number of solutions to meet their speci ...

Services | Request online Civil Registration Certificate

Request online Civil Registration Certificate

Services | Request the parental allowance

It is granted to the father and/or mother aiming to replace the work income lost during the license period for the birth of a child.

Services | Adopt a child

Consult information on the adoption process. Learn how and where you may apply to adopt a child.

Practices Guides | Having a child

The arrival of a child sets the beginning of a new phase of the parents life which implies new rights and duties. Consult the main information and services related to this new phase pregnancy and childbirth parental responsibility financial supports maternity and paternity leaves or how to register ...

Services | Consult the civil registry permanent certificate

Check the civil registry permanent certificate