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The Sistema de Mediação Familiar (FMS) (Family Mediation System) enables the resolution of family conflicts without resorting to a court.

Among others, it is possible to mediate conflicts concerning separation, divorce, parental responsibilities and family’s address.

Service channels

Learn where you may submit your request and what are the advantages of each channel
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Who can request family mediation?

Where request family mediation?

You may submit the mediation request:


Access the RAL+ portal.

By phone

Call 808 26 2000 (it beards the cost of a call for Portuguese fixed network).

By email

Send your request to

By mail

Send your request, by letter, to:

General-Directorate of Justice Policy (DGPJ)

Av. D. João II, no. 1.08.01 E, Torre H, Pisos 1 to 3

1990-097 Lisbon, Portugal

What is the price to request family mediation?

  • Each party involved pays a single rate of 50€, regardless of the number of mediation appointments and the total duration of the process.
  • If you may benefit from legal aid, one or both parties may be exempt from the payment of the service or may pay the amount by instalments.
  • If the request was submitted by the Court, within the scope of a civil tutelary process (for instance, regarding parental responsabilities), the parties involved on the processes do not pay this tax

How request family mediation?

  1. The first step is to submit the request. Any party involved may request the family mediation. It may also be requested by other entities, such as the courts, if the individuals involved on the process authorize it. The request may be submitted:
  • online
  • by phone
  • by email
  • by a letter sent to the General-Directorate of Justice Policy.
  1. The mediator is chosen by the Family Mediation System (FMS), but he/she may also be chosen by the involved parties. Consult the list of mediators.
  2. After the request is accepted by the FMS, a first appointment, merely informative, with the involved individuals is scheduled to:
  • explain the mediation rules, rights and duties of the involved parties and other relevant information
  • confirm their will to sign a mediation protocol, which allows the proccess to continue for the mediation phase
  • make the payment.
  1. After the informative appointment, the mediation appointments deemed necessary to reach an agreement are scheduled. 
  2. The mediation lasts, on average, for 3 months and may be concluded by any of the involved parties at any moment.

To have any legal value, the agreements established within the scope of mediation (such as agreements on parental responsabilities, divorce and separation of people and goods, and the maintenance claim) must be approved by a judge or by a civil registry.

What is the support legislation?

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