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Services | Confirm the change of address of the Citizen Card

The confirmation completes the process of address change on the Citizen Card.

Services | Request the first Citizen Card

The Citizen Card identifies the Portuguese citizen before any public or private entity. It is mandatory for all Portuguese citizens. The Citizen Card comprises the civil identification fiscal identification tax payer number health services user and social security number.

Services | Change the address on the Citizen card

If you have the Mobile Digital Key CMD active or the PIN codes of your Citizen s Card you can change the address of your card easily and quickly through the Internet. If you want to cancel a request for change of address that you have submitted call the registration hotline 351 211 950 500 or go to ...

Services | Replace documents in the “I Lost My Wallet” Desk

O Balcão Perdi a Carteira permite ao cidadão solicitar presencialmente a substituição de vários documentos num único posto de atendimento.

Services | Cancelling a Citizen Card

If your Citizen Card is lost damaged stolen or otherwise unlawfully appropriated you must cancel it.

Services | Request new PIN codes for the Citizen Card

If you have lost the letter or have forgotten your Citizen Card s PIN codes and have requested or renewed your Citizen Card after 16 April 2018 you can request new PIN codes.

Services | Schedule a service related to the Citizen Card

Set a date and time to request or renew your Citizen Card pick up the card or change the address. Avoid waiting queues and time losses. The scheduling is free of charge and it may be carried out online. We wait for you on the time and place set.

Services | Add identification documents in app

The is a mobile application that allows you to save consult and share via mobile phone smartphone the data from the identification documents that are available in the app for example the Citizen Card and the Driving License. The digital documents in the app have the same validity ...


You can check online for information regarding the status of an online application to cancel and/or renew your Citizen Card. Citizens can access information about and view the status of their applications.

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