Request the parental allowance

It is granted to the father and/or mother, aiming to replace the work income lost during the license period for the birth of a child.

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    Within six months from the date of the event that determines the protection
  • Free of charge

    Within six months from the date of the event that determines the protection

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Who can request the parental allowance?

When can you request the parental allowance?

The allowance must be requested within six months from the date of the fact which determines the protection.

If you submit the request after this period, but still during the period in which you are entitled to receive the allowance, the days of delay won’t be paid.

What are the documents and requirements to request the parental allowance?

  • To be entitled to the allowance, the beneficiary must meet the following conditions:

    • Benefit from a warranty period of 6 civil months, consecutive or interpolated, with a pay statement to the date of impediment to work
    • Benefit from the correspondent licenses, absences and exemptions non-rewarded on the terms of the Labour Code or of equivalent periods
    • Have the social security contributions paid until the end of the third month immediately before the month in which they stopped working due to the birth of a child - in the case of the self-employed or workers covered by a voluntary social insurance scheme.

    This allowance comprises the below listed modalities:

    • Initial parental allowance
    • Exclusive mother’s initial parental allowance
    • Exclusive father’s initial parental allowance
    • Initial parental allowance of a parent in the case of impossibility of the other.

    To know more details about the conditions of access to the allowance, consult the Social Security’s Portal.

How request the parental allowance?


  • At Direct Social Security
  • Select the "Família" tab and click on "Parentalidade"
  • Press the "Pedir novo" button and select "Subsídio parental inicial"
  • Follow the instructions.

On the location

On the location, submitting the Request - Parental Allowance/Extended Parental Allowance, Model RP 5049-DGSS, and the documents indicated:

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