Replace the driving license

You must alter the driving license whenever there are important alterations to your data. That implies the replacement of the current license by one with the new data.

Request the replacement of the driving license if it is in bad conditions or if there was a change of elements: if you change your name or if medical restrictions were added or withdrawn from the license (if you start wearing glasses, for example).

If you have lost or had your driver's license stolen, you can request a duplicate of your driver's license.

Service channels

Learn where you may submit your request and what are the advantages of each channel
  • Replace Now
    Replace driving license through your personal area on the IMT site


    Receive the new driving license within 10 days
  • At the service counters of IMT regional and district services, Setúbal and Santarém Citizen Bureaus and Citizen Spaces that provide the service


    Receive the new driving license within 10 days

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Where replace the driving license ?


On your personal area of the IMT website, if you will:

  • change your name on the license
  • request the replacement because the license is in bad conditions.

On the location

In any case:

The replacement to modify medical restrictions must be requested in person.

What are the documents and requirements to replace the driving license ?

  • A valid and definitive driving license.

  • The Citizen Card or the tax payer number + identification document or residence permit.

  • c) A medical certificate, if you shall need to add or withdraw medical restrictions to your license. The medical certificate is electronic, issued and sent by the doctor to the IMT, online. It is necessary for all the license’s categories.

  • If your license includes group 2 categories

    If you drive vehicles of the C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, D and D categories, or of the B and BE categories and you drive ambulances or firefighter vehicles or if you perform services of patient transport, school transport, collective children transport and renting passenger light-duty vehicles, you shall also need:

    d) A psychological aptitude certificate (CAP)

    You may request the CAP to a psychologist or request the CAP to the IMT.

What is the price to replace the driving license ?


  • 27 €

On the location

  • 30 €

Payment methods

  • On a reception desk:
  • multibanco
  • in cash
  • with a cheque in euros of a Portuguese account to IGCP, EPE.

How replace the driving license ?

You may request the replacement online:

  • for a name alteration
  • if the license is in bad conditions.

The replacement to modify medical restrictions must be requested on an IMT reception desk, Citizen’s Bureau or Citizen Station.


  • Access your personal area of the IMT website.
  • Choose the option “Drivers” and, then, “Driving License”.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

By submitting this request online, you do not need to submit documents. You shall receive the new license within 10 days.

On the location

  • Visit a reception desk with the necessary documents.
  • On the reception desk where you deliver the documents, your signature and photo shall be registered (you do not need to bring one as it is taken on the location, with a digital camera).

If you request your driving license on the IMT reception desks, you shall receive it within 8 days. On another reception service, the receipt deadline is 25 days.